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From Our Family to Yours

Learn more about the food, the family and the restaurant's history.

Our Food


Made from our family recipes. Inspired by Cuca, our owner.

Our food is made fresh daily, from Cuca's very own family recipes. We invite you to experience the flavors of our family’s heritage. Authentic, rich, delicious and made with lots of love. We are proud to say that we have been serving our traditional recipes to the Inland Empire for over twenty five years. We pride ourselves on our simple, yet bold flavors and welcome you to come experience our delicious recipes for yourself. Whether you want to take it home, dine in, or have a catered event, Cuca’s is there. With over 7 locations to serve you, you can enjoy the best Mexican food in Redlands, Highland, Mentone, Rialto, Yucaipa, Loma Linda and Foothill Ranch. Come enjoy the delicious Mexican food we have to offer and take a piece of our family with you.

The Cuca's Story

Cuca's Mexican Food. Established in 1989. 

It all started in early 1989 when Cuca and her eldest daughter, Lupe, took on the courage to build the empire we now call Cuca's Mexican Restaurants. The original downtown location, located at 527 E. State Street in Redlands, California, opened its doors in mid April of 1989.


The food quickly became a local favorite and from that day, Cuca and her family have dedicated their lives to making great authentic Mexican food. As years progressed and the success of the business flourished, Cuca and her family were given the opportunity to open new restaurants, first came the Highland location then Mentone, Rialto, Yucaipa, and Loma Linda. All Cuca’s locations are family owned and operated.


Cuca's three daughters Lupe, Emerald & Raquel, and son Billy Joe, have and always will be a big part of the business. Cuca herself has always dedicated her life to family and to great food. She has been extremely grateful that she has been able to share both her love for food and family through the recipes you taste today. When you step inside any of the Cuca's locations, Cuca hopes that you will discover an environment that is warm and welcoming. It is because of you, the guests that Cuca's has been able to become what it is today. Cuca and her family, sincerely thank each and every one of their guests for continuing to support and love the Mexican food they have provided since 1989.

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